Step by step teaching and learning

Step by step teaching and learning

After reviewing the readings for this week, choose a grade level and an exemplary lesson plan from this topic’s readings. For each of the questions that follow, compose a 50-150 word response regarding the lesson you chose.

What is the lesson’s objective? Is it measurable and observable? If not, how could the objective be rewritten to be measurable and observable? Be sure to provide the grade level and academic subject area for the lesson, along with the corresponding academic standards.
Is whole group instruction utilized in the lesson? If not, how can whole group instruction be incorporated into the lesson? How could a co-teacher be utilized during whole group instruction? What technologies would you include to meet all student needs during this time?
What process would you follow to create small groups for instruction for the lesson? How would you meet all student needs and ensure positive classroom management during small group instruction?
What learning center activities would you include that align to the lesson? What technology might be incorporated during learning center activities? How will you teach classroom procedures for small groups and learning center times to ensure positive classroom management?
How would you assess student learning during whole group lessons, small group instruction, and independent work times?
What principles of Universal Design for Learning would you incorporate into the lesson?
Submit short answers only.




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This lesson’s main objective is to examine the main civil rights of children with disabilities to the education of the public. The State-embraced disengagement of government-supported schools was an encroachment of the fourteenth amendment and was in this way unlawful.


This vital decision meant the completion of the “extraordinary yet proportionate” perspective set by the Supreme Court very nearly 60 years before and filled in as an impetus for the extension of social balance improvement in the midst of the season of the 1950s.

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