supply chain– warehouse management

supply chain– warehouse management

In general, organisations use a five-step process to develop a hazard management plan for their facility, as given below.Five-Step Process for Hazard Planning 1 identification 2 risk assessment 3 controls-use and storage 4 emergency preparedness 5 monitor and review

Discuss how the five-step process would be applied to develop a hazard management plan for Sistema’s facility and develop a hazard management plan for Sistema’s warehouse facility. Include a drawing to illustrate your recommended layout for the facility. (1200words)

, actually it need 1200 including draw a layout





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The internal structure of Sistema’s warehouse facility should be designed in such a manner that all types of hazards and risks the facility may face are manageable and controllable. The hazard management plan for the facility is procedural and follows the steps as outlined in the previous discussion. Designing of the internal structure of the warehouse to achieve a hazardous management plan within the facility is made easier by identification of the hazards, risk assessment and evaluation of controls (Richards, 2014).

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