SW Practice Res II-Winter 2023

SW Practice Res II-Winter 2023

While it may be easy to measure program outputs (such as how many people attended program events), it may be more difficult to measure outcomes. And while you may be able to look at someone and observe change over time, how do you really know change has occurred? The goal of validated measurement instruments is to make this somewhat vague or mysterious process more scientific. Tools such as client satisfaction surveys, scales, assessments, and inventories like the Beck Depression Inventory provide specific information with which to measure outcomes.

In this Assignment, you research and select the instruments that you would use for measurement of your program outcomes.

Be sure to review the Learning Resources before completing this activity.
Click the weekly resources link to access the resources.



  • Review Chapter 9 of the course text to learn about methods for measuring outcomes.
  • Consider the outcomes that you have crafted for your proposed program and how you might measure the extent to which the program is achieving those outcomes.
  • Use the Walden Library link in the Learning Resources to explore databases for tests and measures (i.e., instruments) pertaining to your refined outcomes.


Submit a 1- to 2-page paper in which you:

Use the Learning Resources and peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles to support your paper. Make sure to include appropriate APA citations and a reference list.


Before submitting your final assignment, you can check your draft for authenticity. To check your draft, access the Turnitin Drafts from the Start Here area.

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