The company is Disney

The company is Disney

Our customers are outdoor enthusiasts seeking fishing excitement and adventure. 

The company is Disney
Vision and Mission Statement

(Report the firm’s mission and vision statement, using complete sentences; cite properly.)

Vision and Mission Statement Assessment

(Evaluate the firm’s mission statement; integrate the vision statement, if needed, using the nine criteria (Table 2.4) from David, David, and David (2020, p. 50) by name. Show where each element is located, specifically. Do this in paragraph form; underline each of the 9 elements. If no mission statement is found for the firm, write one, containing all 9 elements/criteria.)

TABLE 2-4 Mission Statement Components Written from a Customer Perspective

  1. Customers: Our customers are outdoor enthusiasts seeking fishing excitement and adventure.
  2. Products or services: We provide fast, clean boats, all the bait and tackle needed, and friendly first mates to create memories for a lifetime.
  3. Markets: Our fleet of fast, clean vessels operate all along the North Carolina Coast.
  4. Technology: Our vessels are equipped with the very latest safety and fish finding equipment to ensure that customers comfortably are “catching rather than just fishing.”
  5. Survival, growth, and profitability: Our prices are as low as possible to garner repeat customers and a reasonable return for our owners.
  6. Philosophy: We assure customers the utmost courtesy and care as our motto on every vessel is to follow the Golden Rule.
  7. Distinctive competence: For customer enjoyment and safety, we provide the most experienced staff in the industry.
  8. Public image: Our vessels use emission-friendly engines; we strive to bring repeat tourists to all communities where we operate.
  9. Employees: Our captains and first mates are “on a mission” to help customers have a great time.

Source: Based on Meredith E. David, Forest R. David, & Fred R. David, “Mission Statement Theory and Practice: A Content Analysis and New Direction,” International Journal of Business, Marketing, and Decision Sciences 7, no. 1 (Summer 2014): 95–10

Answer preview Our customers are outdoor enthusiasts seeking fishing excitement and adventure. 


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