The importance of attachment

 The importance of attachment

Attachment is the process through which people develop specific, positive emotional bonds with others” (Newman & Newman, 2015).

ASSIGNMENT: Write a 2-3 page paper (12 pt font) exploring the importance of attachment.


  1. Choose an attachment style
  2. Describe how an infant/toddler behaves with this attachment style
  3. Describe how this attachment style occurs, Including information about parental sensitivity to the infant and parental communications to the child
  4. Describe implications for emotional and social development of the child

Be sure to check the rubric in comparison with your paper to assure you have included the expected information

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Child development occurs within an environment presented by the parents, and significantly influences his or her psychological aspects of socialization. The attachment theory attempts to exemplify the influence the caregiver’s relationship with a child has on his or her social, emotional…
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