The Message of Pop Culture

The Message of Pop Culture

It is common knowledge that media communicates messages, both reflecting social norms and reinforcing specific ideas of who we are and how we should act. When considering popular culture and the messages embedded in a given song, video, television show, movie, or magazine advertisement, sociology directs us to consider the image itself, the viewer and the one viewed, the social implications, and the context of the industry from which the media is produced, among other things.

Step 1: Select an example of contemporary popular culture; feel free to share a source link. Discuss what aspects of culture are reflected and/or reinforced here. Discuss the relationship of your example to the process of socialization.
Step 2: Read other students’ posts and respond to at least two other students. Incorporate personal experience, if appropriate, to help support or debate other students’ posts. If differences of opinion occur, debate the issues and provide examples to support opinions.
The use of outside resources (your textbook or other academic source) is required. Be sure to cite any outside sources in current APA format.

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