The Parkinson’s Disorder

The Parkinson’s Disorder


  • Why the name of the disorder / concept or definition.
  • Criteria to be followed in order to be diagnosed with this specific disorder according to the DSM-5 Edition.
  • History
  • Causes
  • Symptoms
  • Different types
  • Preventions
  • Treatment plans for short-term goals and long-term goals
  • Tips or suggestions on how to overcome the disorder
  • Parenting skills to help the individuals

Evidence-based therapies for specific disorder

You will be expected to complete a Research Paper and submit it for the class:

  • The paper must be 5 pages in content using APA style. The research paper will account for 20% of your grade and it must include the following aspects:
    – Title page (1)
    – Abstract page (1)
    – Content pages (5)
    – Conclusion page (1)
    – Reference page (1).

    In addition, it must be typed using APA style, and Times New Roman, and font 12.
    – Research findings from a Database to support your information.
    – It includes at least three (3) academic/scholarly journals (Primary Sources) from journals in Psychology.

  • Is an APA format, do not try to be fancy and place pictures or caricature, that is “high school papers” In order to facilitate what to include in your literature report, you MUST mention the following:a) When and how that concept was developed or coined.b) Under what philosophical roots it fallsc) Best exponents of that idead) Controversial issues about ite) Advantages or disadvantages of itf) New findings g) The future of it. h) MOST IMPORTANT AT THE END IN THE SUMMARY/CONCLUSION YOUR PERSONAL OPINION AND POSITION ABOUT IT.Start as soon as you can – submit on time prevent a penalty for late submission.Remember this report is 20% of your grade.First page should have:Name of the literature research
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The Sham surgery or the so-called placebo surgery is a significant invention done in medicine and indicates that the step thought to be the most significant in therapy may be omitted. In the current clinical…
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