Theoretical Basis for Advanced Practice Nursing

 Theoretical Basis for Advanced Practice Nursing

This assignment focuses on the student’s personal perspective of nursing and nursing theory within the profession.

This Word document should include your personal philosophy of nursing. If you have not developed a philosophy of nursing, then consider these questions to help you.

What is nursing to me?
Why is nursing important to me?
What nursing theory do I feel best guides my nursing practice?
What are the qualities, skills, and values of a nurse?
How do I intend to personally impact society through my nursing career?

Hello, and I’d like to welcome you to our overview of the NR501 assignment My Nursing Philosophy. The purpose of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to develop your own personal philosophy of nursing while examining and incorporate a nursing theory. You may or may not have a philosophy of nursing that guides your practice. In this assignment, you will be writing an APA paper that will allow you to write your own nursing philosophy while incorporating a nursing theory that you feel guides your practice. The course outcomes for this assignment. Course outcome 1, demonstrate logical and creative thinking in the analysis and application of a theory to nursing practice. Course outcome 3, examine broad theoretical concepts as foundational to advanced nursing practice roles. This paper will not be a long paper for you. Some questions to consider when writing your nursing philosophy would include, what does nursing mean to me? Why is nursing important to me? What nursing theory do I feel best guides my nursing practice? What are the qualities skills and values of a nurse? And how do I intend to personally impact society through my nursing career? So take a few minutes when you start to write your philosophy and just kinda make an outline using these questions to help guide your thoughts. As far as your paper layout, this will be in APA format, so you will have a title page with a running head and page number. And then on the next page, you’ll start with your introduction about what you’re going to be doing. And then choose a nursing theory that guides your practice, write down your thoughts related to how you view nursing, and then provide a conclusion paragraph. Then on the next page, have your references. Have at least one scholarly source, usually you can connect it to the nursing theory that you’re using. Keep in mind that some sources that are not considered scholarly would include Wikipedia, CINAHL Nursing Guides, the McEwen and Wills textbook, Lesson Information, Webinar Content as well as some blog sites. Use the Chamberlain library to search for articles to support your work. You can use limiters to get the five year publishing window peer review fill text articles in your search This is just an example of my nursing philosophy and two of the nursing theories that I feel drawn to. One is Patricia Benner, her Novice to Expert theory and the other one is Joan Duffy’s Quality Caring Model. So I’m just gonna kind of read you my nursing philosophy and hope that this will help and inspire you to write yours. I feel that nursing is a science and an art that relies on the delivery of quality, evidence-based practice nursing, and continuous nursing education. Nurses must be well-educated, culturally diverse, physically responsible and able to welcome all nurses into our profession. As a student we are eager to learn and help others. One of the best methods for enabling a student to become more self-efficacy is to offer encouragement and support as they learn and utilize the desired skills without intimidation, which leads to greater feelings of confidence. According to Joan Duffy 2014, the Quality Caring Model challenges professionals to create a caring environment where relationships not only matter, but they are a priority. When these positive caring relationships exist, the outcome will be positive patient, nurse, and system outcomes. We know that every nurse starts out as a novice and as experience and education to climb the ranks of the career ladder based on Benner’s Novice to Expert Theory, 1982. Even when we have become an expert in one area of nursing, we still remain a novice in other areas which helps propel our desire for lifelong education and quality improvement. Each person has special attributes and qualities that make a team work. Each of us has a special talent that makes our service to others unique as we participate as part of a team. Involvement in nursing organizations helps us have a voice at the table in regards to health care and nursing. Community involvement in philanthropy are more ways we can bring out strength to the front lines of our profession and our world so that we can foster those positive patient nurse and system outcomes. So that just kinda gives you a brief example of my nursing philosophy. So hopefully, that will help you develop your own nursing philosophy. If you have any questions, please contact your professor. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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