Time Place and History

Time Place and History

After reading the poem by Wilfred Owen (located in your lesson content section) and the two assigned short stories by Tim O’Brien and Alice Walker from your textbook for this week, you should have noticed that both the poem and the stories share a commonality of how history, culture, and the background of the author all played an important role in developing works of literature in the 20th century.

All readings are listed for each module in the Lesson Content section of your course. The assigned novel is not due until the end of Module 03. There are also no written assignments on the novel until Module 03. All other written papers and discussions are based on poems or short stories located either in your text or in our library.

For your initial discussion post, share your thoughts on how history, culture, and the background of the author played key roles in developing one of the stories and on the poem you were assigned.

  • How are men portrayed versus women?
  • What key struggles did the characters undergo which revealed important information about the time period and their culture or background?

Your initial post should name the specific work and use quotes or lines from the readings. Be sure to acknowledge the source.

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