Toddler Growth and Development

Toddler Growth and Development

For this assignment you will:

  • Complete the Overview of Infant Development Table (attached)
  • Compose a 2-3 page scholarly analysis addressing the physical, cognitive, social/emotional and oral language development of toddlers and the interdependence across domains.
  • Connect your findings to at least three theories and/or theorists, such as Constructivism, Behaviorism, Progressivism, Piaget, Erikson, Skinner, Bandura and use at least three references to course materials.

Rubric attached as well.

20180525000733toddler_growth_and_development_table 20180525000723toddler_growth_and_developnentoverview_and_rubric

Solution Preview

Toddlers undergo similar experiences as they adapt to their environment and develop further knowledge of interaction with others therein. One of the most notable physical developments among the toddlers is their ability to walk unaided. At this age, they can move…

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