What role is each division of the nervous system playing in each scenario?

What role is each division of the nervous system playing in each scenario?

1. Tigger, the cat, notices a bird through the window. She stares at it intently and prepares to pounce.

2. Dave is woken up in the middle of the night by a noise. He thinks it might be a burglar. His heart starts pounding and his stomach feels odd. He gets out of bed and creeps to the top of the stairs. Peering down, he sees that it is only Tigger, who has knocked something off a shelf. Dave feels relieved and goes back to be. His heart stops pounding and he is soon asleep again.

For example for question 1, i’ve put it in note form but need to write it in a paragraph- e.g: Brain-occipital lobe, spinal cord- sending info, PNS- somatic- getting into pouncing position, etc.

Read the scenarios. What role are different parts of the nervous systems (i.e., peripheral, somatic, autonomic, sympathetic, parasympathetic) playing in what the person does?

Example: the bell rings, and the students start packing up their bags.

Answer: the sound of the bell ringing is picked up by the students’ ears and transmitted via the somatic nervous system to the brain (asensory message). The brain recognises the sound as a bell and interprets it as a signal that the lesson is ended. To fulfil the goal of packing up and going elsewhere, the brain sends out a large number of messages, via the spinal cord. These motor messages are carried by the peripheral nervous system to the skeletal muscles, where they result in movements that allow the students to pick up their belongings. Throughout this process the brain relies on visual sensory input via the PNS in order to identify the locations of objects, decide whether they are personal possessions and co-ordinate the control of the muscles in order that movements are accurate.

To get full credit, read the following scenarios and discuss the role certain parts (e.g., peripheral, somatic, autonomic, sympathetic, parasympathetic) of the nervous system plays.




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Tigger, noticing the bird through the window, is picked by the brain-optical lobe and visually processed to understand what the eyes are seeing. The brain-optical lobe recognizes the bird and interprets it as prey. To execute the goal of prey, the brain-optical lobe transmits a message through the spinal code,

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