Why is it so difficult to determine the ROI of the components in your enterprise architecture?

Why   is it so difficult to determine the ROI of the components in your enterprise architecture

Please refer to the case overview   in Units 1 & 2 for the business premise and situation. This week, you will   continue to work on The Broadway Café as it struggles to compete in the 21st   century.


Each week you will submit your   response to the business situation presented. Use an APA formatted paper 2 to 3 pages 1000 words with   a Title page and a References page. Your paper should be double-spaced and   written in Times New Roman size 12 font. The paper will be written in an   essay format. Do not use a question and answer format.

Business Dilemma

Components of a solid enterprise   architecture include everything from documentation to business concepts to   software and hardware. Deciding which components to implement and how to   implement them can be a challenge. New IT components are released daily, and   business needs continually change. An enterprise architecture that meets the   cafe’s needs today may not meet those needs tomorrow. Building an enterprise   architecture that is scalable, flexible, available, accessible, and reliable   is key to the cafe’s success.

The cafe has a limited budget for computer equipment.  One of your most valued employees, Nick Zele, is highly technical and always insisting that the cafe is outdated and needs to upgrade its equipment.  Nick’s latest push is for dishwasher safe keyboards and mice for the cafe’s kiosks.  The spill proof equipment would last longer and could be washed daily to remove germs and bacteria. The cost of the new hardware is around $1,000 for a keyboard and a mouse.


Making   Business Decisions II

On your   way to work this morning, you stopped for gas. When you were inside paying,   someone broke into your car and stole your computer bag. You did not notice   until you arrived at the cafe and began looking for your bag. As you begin to   realize all of the data you just lost including customer lists, profit and   loss analysis, tax returns, e-mail, sales information, payroll files, etc.   you begin to wonder when you last backed up your hard drive.

Because   of the importance of data backup, numerous companies produce specialized   backup software. Backup utilities offer advanced features in the following   areas to differentiate it from the Windows Backup utility and from software   included with CD and DVD burners:

Support   for all current media types, including all DVD formats, Zip disks, Pen   storage, and so on. Highly specific backup selections, combinations of files   and folders in any location. On-the-fly compression of files, to provide   reduced file sizes in the backup. Automatic comparisons of data after the   backup, taking a number of forms.

Support   for multi-CD or multi-DVD backups, with a single backup spanning as many   discs as necessary.

Detailed   backup schedulers.

Detailed   methods of including or excluding file types.

Backup   from remote computers.

In   addition, some backup utilities now include the technology known as ghost   imaging or just


Assess   you plans for your enterprise architecture. Also, now that you have been   stung by a painful data loss experience you realize the importance of having   a backup strategy.

1. Why   is it so difficult to determine the ROI of the components in your enterprise   architecture?

2.    What can you do to determine the cost/benefit or ROI of the proposed   dishwasher safe keyboard and mice?

3.   Create a strategy to backup your personal computer. Be sure to search the   Internet to find different third-party utilities that perform backup,   restore, and ghosting.

4.  List the features and prices of each.

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It is difficult to determine the Return on Investment (ROI) of Broadway Café’s enterprise architecture because it hard to determine the value of the new keyboard on the business operations…

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