Why should one study ethics

Why should one study ethics

I. Why should one study ethics? Are ethics really necessary for us to function as a global society? The study of ethics should be studied as the knowledge gained provides a better understanding of what it truly means as web as being applied in everyday life by your as well as others. Ethics is important being able to ‘unction in global society. however there cou4 be some conflict as morals are not the same for everyone. depending on their up bringing, religion etc. Without ethics. it would be rather a chat enge for people to function I. When (al what age) and where should ethics be taught? One could start learning ethics at early as two. depenoing on their level of development can be taught early one. This can start being taught in home. school or another affliction one may be connected with. I. Is it possible for ones ethics to change over time? Why or why not? Yes, I believe so. Reasoning can be where they are currently in life. what experiences they have gone through to change how one may view things or how they go about living.

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