Write a Job Description

Write a Job Description


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Details for the written assignment on the Job Description are in the document attached.

You will use your job description for the next two written assignments. The more time you focus on planning your final project now, the better it will be.

The link below provides details for the risk assessment and hazard identification portion for your project that is coming up in Unit 4. The material at this link provides information on where you need to take this assignment in both Unit 4 and Unit 7. It provides risk assessment and hazard identification in a specific job category. Read through Modules 1: Risk Assessment in the Laboratory and 2: Identifying the Hazards. You will return to this later in the course to help you with your assignment.

Royal Society of Chemistry (2016). Risk Assessment in the Chemistry Laboratory. http://www.rsc.org/learn-chemistry/resource/RES00001314/risk-assessment#!cmpid=CMP00002766

This assignment is due by Sunday 11:59pm EST in Unit 2.

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Job Description

The job that I am familiar with and one that I can conduct a job description on is that of a Risk and Compliance manager. In the modern world, it is imperative that every workplace or organization has a risk and compliance manager. The manager is tasked with the duty of ensuring that all risks are properly assessed and various measures developed so as to reduce the risks and uncertainties that affect various business operations. The risk and compliance manager should also ensure that the company complies with all the laws and regulations within the jurisdiction or industry.

Risk and Compliance Manager Qualifications and Requirements

  1. A bachelor’s degree in any of the following fields:
  • Management
  • Economics

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