Writing an Annotated Bibliography

Writing an Annotated Bibliography

  • 1. Choose your research topic.2. Review documents on annotations. If you have your St. Martin’s Handbook from Comp 1301, you can find great resources there.3. Watch the tutorial on finding reliable sources – no general websites!4. Complete and upload your Annotated Bibliography

    An annotated bibliography is an organizing tool that is helpful when working on a research paper or project. It is used to compile research sources in one location and allows for easy access to the information in each source. For this assignment, write an annotated bibliography based on your topic for your final research paper on Fahrenheit 451. An annotated bibliography combines the citations found in the Works Cited list at the end of your paper in MLA format with annotations about each of the sources. Your annotated bibliography will consist of the sources that you have deemed relevant to your research topic. Include a minimum of ten annotations.

    • Cite the source in proper MLA format. The citations should be organized in alphabetical order by author (or title, if no author), just as you would for an MLA Works Cited page.
    • Follow with a brief annotation that summarizes the source (3-5 sentences) in your own words and includes any important information you’d like to remember.
    • In 1-2 sentences, explain the source’s relevance and importance to your research paper.
    • Be sure to use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

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    This document discusses what an annotated bibliography is.


    This is a video where I’m showing you how to find outside sources, your annotated bibliography, what the research paper is about, and a few other things!Take a peak and then if you still have questions, please post in “Discussion Board – Ask Tara” so everyone can see my answer.Note: This video was made last year! The assignment and research paper are the same; however, the book is different. So, disregard the reference to A Farewell to Arms!


    I often get a handful of questions about your Research Paper so I’m hoping to help you all out here. The paper itself is about one literary element of Fahrenheit 451 where you expand and do further research on. I know it may seem a bit overwhelming to choose one topic and spread it out over several pages. I’m a visual person and sometimes it helps in seeing an example of what is expected, so I’m attaching a paper from last year that a student wrote on “A Farewell to Arms.” I’ve blocked out the student’s name for confidentiality, but this was an “A” paper. See if this helps some of you.Additionally, I’m linking some pages from OWL Purdue’s website on literary research.https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/618/02…Example Research Paper.pdf I hope these items help in preparation for your research paper. If there are further questions, please let me know.Additional: here is this same student’s annotated bibliography for you to see…..MLA Annotated Bibliography.pdf


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