You are to write a report about subculture.

You are to write a report about subculture.

You are to write a report about subculture. What does this mean? A subculture is a group within a larger culture whose behaviors, values, norms, etc. are different than that of the larger culture. For this project, please choose a culture where the people live separate from the rest of the society such as the Amish, Aborigines, Apache, Plains people, Arctic people, a tribe of some sort, etc., Do not choose a subcultures that expresses a movement or specialized interest such as pop, Goth, biker, punk, fraternity, sport, 80s, surfer, and other popular type of cultures, as these will be reserved for your group project. Please take the time to research and learn about a subculture that you have not yet experienced and is different from your own culture’s their beliefs, language, environment, norms, and practices. Analyze and discuss this cultures behaviors, norms, artifacts (clothing, jewelry, etc.), values, religion, assumptions, building structures, economy, educational opportunities, transportation, climate, landscape, etc. Be sure to introduce your culture and note why you chose that particular culture to research and study. See attached sample paper for an example.

Paper must have 2 pages of content (this does NOT include title page or reference page).

Paper must follow APA format. This includes a title page, header, numbered pages, in-text citations, double spaced, and reference page.

Paper must have at least three sources that can come either from RMU’s database, book/print source, Internet, reference from a movie, documentary, case study, historical documents, records, maps, personal interview, etc. When you refer to your source, if you must cite it according APA format. You can go here for help formatting your source:

Do not make this project more than it needs to be. Paper should not exceed 2-3 pages of content and you do not need more than three sources. Be sure to attach the rubric to your paper.

Paper must also be written in an academic and professional format and not with “casual language”. In addition, papers must be edited for grammar such avoiding wordiness, awkward wording, sentence fragments, comma usage, punctuation, run-on sentences, tense consistency, and other proof reading issues. (PLEASE Follow the files)




Image preview you are to write a report about subculture.

You are to write a report about subculture.


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