Culture and Pers

Culture and Pers

assignments in this class to incorporate into your final paper. Below are aspects to keep in mind while
writing your story as well as the structure/formatting for the assignment:
First, describe what your subculture is. What are some of the symbols, figures of speech, rituals, and
routines in your subculture. If you could share anything about your subculture to explain it to an outsider
(and always pretend you are writing to an outsider, whether you know I am one or not), what would it be?
Helpful hint: parts of your other three assignments may be helpful in piecing this section together.
Critically think about your subculture. What is your place in this subculture? In other words, what is your
role and experiences?

How do aspects of your subculture connect to aspects of society at large? What social events, problems,
power relationships or understandings does it connect to? What context should your subculture be
understood in?
Lastly, what have you learned about your subculture from this process? Have you changed your mind about
any aspects of your subculture? If so, which and why?
This assignment should be written in paragraph format, 12pt, Times New Roman font. The assignment
be double spaced. Please submit it on Canvas using a Word file or PDF. Please include a cover
page as seen on Canvas as well as a reference page.
Since you are directly referring back to the material
as stated in this class
, you may use the class slides as your references. Reference page format may be in
either ASA or APA.
Final page count should be the following: 1 page cover page, 3 pages of your autoethnography, 1 page
reference page.
Therefore, it will be a total of 5 pages completed.

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