What is the target population?

What is the target population?

HUS 1431

LESSON 7 – Creating a Mock Prevention program


Be sure to follow all directions and complete all activities in order to receive credit for this Lesson.

Follow the directions in the Discussion Question Assignment discussion board

To Prepare for Lesson 7

1 Review the links provided:

* Look at prevention programs in your community from previous lessons.


Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) https://www.samhsa.gov/programs


Lesson 7 Discussion Question

Create a Mock Prevention Program

After reviewing the information provided on Prevention Programming and Evaluation use new insights gained to help create a mock Prevention program. Answer the following questions of your mock program in the discussion forum.


Remember: This is just an exercise, and does not have to be detailed as the information provided. It was just for your benefit in helping you look at programs in your community through new eyes. This meant to be a fun creative exercise. There are no wrong answers.

1) What is the target population?

2) What services are delivered?

3) Where will the funding come from?

4) How will you evaluate / measure success and or track outcomes?

5) What educational level will be required of staff?


Post your response to the above in the Discussion Board (250 words minimum)


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What is the target population


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